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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Why coffee is a velvet shirt caressing your skin and why richness or being fulfilled is much less dependent on outer circumstances than you think.


When you read this- in the now- you will read something which happened in the past but is future. And it is now. That may sound paradox, but let me start... I – in this very moment- drink coffee. So good! So banal!

Read again. So good. So banal. Would you say that is a contradiction? For me it is not. There are many sayings or quotes, which point on that the little things are the important things.

" Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things." - Kurt Vonnegut

We all THINK then „ Yes, of course!“, but it has a reason why those quotes exist. We mostly are in our heads, being busy with thoughts, operating from past and future. So in the worst case we think that it would have been good to right away and directly appreciate the little moments. In the best case we have no thoughts about that backwards, but live fully the very moment. Those many little moments in daily life do we really FEEL them? In this very seemingly insignificant, banal moments? And if not- why? The difference makes a very subtle shift, it is your awareness. From thinking towards feeling and direct receptivity and perception. To be awareness. What I mean by that? Today is the 18th of march 2021. I was working on my website which is not even online yet, being in wonderful flow, joyous excitement in the now towards my future life, your future life and that we will meet and go for a while on a great journey together. It feels as it already happened. Outside linear time (hello dear left brain hemisphere, forget to understand that) it is. I don’t know when you will read that, it can be weeks or months. I opened the door of my appartment, a refuge- luminous, charming and still- in the outskirts of Vienna- to buy cigarettes ( yes, I allow myself that at times, not being anyhow perfect, but a conscious, flawed, alive human being) to accompany my second coffee then. When touching the doorknot a deep joy and peace filled me, I felt fulfilled, rich, out of seemingly nothing. I went down the stairs which could need a little cleaning, went out to the street, a stranger passing by in this moment, I smiled, he smiled back. A crow flying above headed straight down onto the pavement picking up a nut ( I guess). I heard the sound of my feet on the asphalt, walking. Felt the air caressing my face. On some bushes light green blushing shyly. It’s cold again, but the seeds of spring are clearly there already. My body widening, mind empty, observing, getting penetrated by all those sensual thus sensational input. There one thought arised, within this mentally still canvas- write your first blog post exactly when you return. It’s so banal, it’s so good. Which is- exceptional. That is how I perceive life, how I sense reality. As something infinitely marvellous, flowing, unfolding, appearing and dissolving, as being so much there- that in any moment there is richness. You do not HAVE it, the point is you FEEL it. It is not dependent on outer circumstances. There is no separation between anything then, the outer richness is the inner richness and the inner richness is the outer richness. This is what awareness „ does “, although it is exactly not doing, it’s being absolutely. So now when writing this, my delicious coffee is patiently waiting next to me. If I look at this light brown, soft colour I can feel the texture of velvet caressing my skin like a cosy shirt- yes I feel the coffee, and I see it, I taste it, I smell it. What a scent! What a coffee!

And just this little joy, is such a great, enormous joy within if you can truly, deeply, in a felt sense, appreciate and literally enjoy it. It in you. Yourself in it. That I can feel! What a marvel! How would it be for you to BE more like that…you can, you are, it only needs a little shift, a little re-discovery. As a short note before I come to an end- I was not always like that, though the capacity was always there ( is in everybody naturally). I have a very strong analytic mind, was very left brained, a maths ass in school for example, which is not bad, but besides living by just that alone or acting from there is not only a self-limitation, it can also cause quite a lot of challenge and stress if the mind being separated from or strictly preferred to feeling. Because we do. Feel.

And what I as „Brainy“ who was terribly stressed at times, with most annoying inner discourse constantly active, who was doubting herself, who lived, almost was controlled, by fear and insecurity in my teenage time and young twenties in many areas, who concentrated on validation from the outside, found is – that the source for a better, fuller, clearer, even more effective, more peaceful, infinitely joyous and more relaxed life fully within this world exactly as it is, with all its challenges we have to face, lays only in one place ( or actually non place)...and that is awareness. That is feeling. That is sensing. That is not control, but flow. It is to be your own, whole, gorgeous self-empowerment tool always there and waiting for you if you want to say so. That is to open and allow ourselves all those human notions, be with them, observe them, tenderly embrace them, get curious about them, you, and all that our senses bring towards us, all that marvel we are and which is around us and encounter reality including us with a curious, non judgemental mind- like a child- and return to feel, perceive the world from the vastness and depth of our interconnected heart, body and spirit hand in hand with a calmer and calmer, yet sharply awake mind (in being aware, present, you do not loose ANY of your left brain capacities, just to be clear about that) - and thus be directly in touch with reality.

You want to walk with me towards that and your innate marvellous richness and simplicity? Find out more about my offers and programs by clicking on offers in the top main menue.


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