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How can I support you?

Feeling the deep wish to share my expertise and joy personally and individually, but as well support as many people as possible, knowing that not every person has the same options in regards to time and finance, I will try and ever try to find various ways and options that can benefit various individual beings.
It makes sense to spread and expand this consciousness-virus :-)
So check in from time to time for changes and news.


For any service or Programm as well as if you have any questions feel free to contact me via mail or mobile.

Find below my current offers...

Individual Training

In this 1 hour 1-1 sessions, techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, various breathing techniques, body scan, conscious body movement, mindfulness practices and meditations can be trained together and being forwarded. Always based on your individual need in order to as well give you a tool-box for your daily life to be more at ease, more focused, more clear, to reduce stress or cope in better way with it, to move more into feeling than thinking, to get more present or whatever you desire to implement or change in your life and which can be strongly influenced and empowered by awareness training.


Our first session is to get known to each other and it is free of cost.


Based on neuro-scientific research I then only offer a block of 10 sessions which you can schedule according to your needs and time. True changes- even measureable in brainscans- are said to be established in a time period of 8 to 10 weeks regular practice and training. We will find out together where you stand, what you need and wish to lead a better, self empowered life, much more like a co-creator than only automatically reacting on it.


As starting offer: From now until 1st of August 2021




The sessions can be hold in german, my mothertongue, or english.


If you want to schedule your Initial "Lets get known to each other" -Call, simply drop me an email to or call +43 676 6009145

Relaxed into Winter
10 Weeks Group Online Course

An Introduction to mindfulness and meditation.
Expand the well-being from a restriction-free summer into the colder season.
We live in challenging times where unpredictabilities are omnipresent.
In this introductive 10 weeks course, learn to relax into the present moment and explore your possibility for self-efficiacy and care no matter the outer circumstances.


Price: € 299,- (Early bird) or €399,- (Regular)

See full info

Winter Views

Registration closed


20.20.20 Morgenroutine
Establish "Me-Time"

Ever tried to establish a beneficial morning routine, but didn't know how or what or alone you did not stick to it?

There is a solution! I take you simply with me into my Routine for 4 weeks, 3 times a week. Be, with your body, be with your soul, be with you mind before you start your day.
Language: german

Price: early bird until 23.8.2021: €99 (regular € 249,-)

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Realize your Power!
Holistic Martial Arts Training for Women

Personal Training for 1 or 2 Women at a time.
Built strength, flexibility, focus, balance and confidence with a powerful, fun Training based on Kick/Thaiboxing as well as inner work, balancing body-mind, such as Qi gong.
Place: 2372 Gießhübl
Language: german or english



1 hour: € 75
10er : € 600

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foto kick.jpg

3 Monats-
Achtsamkeits Intensiv Programm

My exclusive Program aim at those who want to go All- in. Who say boldly " Now it's time for a real shift and I will invest in myself!"
It aims at those who wish for an intensive, even more personal companionship, presence and care, access input which stays with you for the rest of your life and who want to commit theirselves to their transformation into a mindful lifestyle and take full responsibility for it.

To have maximum quality and be absolutely present with you the program is limited to 8 Persons.

The programm- only for the german speaking audience at the moment- includes:

A Membership area for selfpractice with

Videos, Audios and PDF's

Eight 1:1 Sessions, virtually or in person

Group calls for practicing together and general questions & answers

24 / 7 Whats App Support

The Programm can be entered individually between 25th Juli and 25th August 2021.

For full information click HERE

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