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"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"

Updated: May 28, 2021

The above quote is from Leonard Cohen. As the practice of awareness and mindfulness is mainly about being human, to observe, look and embrace tenderly without judging it, being fully human with all flaws, all weirdness, all beauty, all scars, all imperfection I decided to share with you personal writing of the last years which I will mark with "Unscensored". Although I am an awareness practitioner and trainer, living it as profession and passion, beyond all I am - surprise surprise- a human being. And that is the level which connects us all and where we truly encounter. Back then I put some writing in a blog. At the start of the blog you could find the above quote and this: " This blog is nothing more than words, nevertheless creation as result of or even while personal, heartfelt, individual experience of being human.Of being.It's fragments, beginning of books which have never been written, emails, messages, letters to persons- fictional or real, poems, reflections, in several languages and without any order in time or claim to be THE truth. But- They were simply true or valid. They are real. Are. Be." The first of this posts is about love, death and relationship if I would have to tag it. You can find it here. In general my writing- if I write for myself- is often inspired- almost creates itself- when I go through hard times, when I am overwhelmed, when I feel massive pain, not knowing how to hold space. I was writing when I could not see light at the end of the tunnel, I was writing when I was very moved and that often happened through very close relationships, changes through them or their dissolution. For all those who never wrote- if you do it allow yourself to be free. Absolutely free. Allow yourself to express fully, no holding back. Those white pages are infinite space, neutral, they do not judge, there is no censor here. Awareness or Consciousness does not refuse or resist anything. It's not interfering neither. There is no good or bad. It's beyond duality and limitation of the mind. It brings light onto shadows. It is about Inclusion, Acceptance and Integration of what is. Allow yourself to integrate- through awareness and meditation practice, through writing, through moving, through nature or whatever it is were you can sense and connect into this neutral open space. It's about to find space where you allow yourself to be- in your full, glorious, infinitely beautiful imperfection and exactly as you are and feel. To end with a quote of Montaigne : " I am man, i consider nothing human alien to me"

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